All participant data is intended for the organiser of this event AND for the community of Passion for Sports. It may however be passed on to parties which are contractually bound to the organisation and/or Passion For Sports.  By participating in the event you agree with a possible use of your photo in print, film, video etc. for promotional purposes of the organizer of the event or the marketplace Passion For Sports, without claiming any compensation.


1. These are in accordance with those of the event organiser.
2. When you purchase ACTI+ extra cancellation insurance ( if available as an option during your registration ) the above terms and conditions no longer apply and the terms and conditions of the ACTI+ insurance apply. 

    You cancel more than 1 day before the event: Your account will be 100% credited*.
    You cancel < 24 hours or 1 day before the event : This is not possible and you will receive NO credits.

* If you are unable to present a valid doctor's note within the specified time period, your ACTI+ insurance will lapse and the normal cancellation conditions of the organiser will apply.


  1. When registering for most events on Passion For Sports you can additionally activate a flexi option.
  2. Canceling is when you cancel your registration yourself
  3. You need to respect the cancellation terms and conditions of the organizer. Most organizers do not allow flexi cancellation less than 3 weeks before the event.
  4. There is no way you can get a refund for this flexi option, even if you cancel your registration.